Our goal is to create a positive impact, one passenger at a time.

Uncover Latin America is a committed socially responsible company. 
The sustainability and Mother Nature´s health and making a positive difference is a big priority for us all at Uncover Latin America. We have a firm commitment to minimizing the environmental and social impact of travel in Latin America. We would like to ensure that a visit from our passengers has a positive impression. Here are some small ways you can make a difference.  

Quick tips on responsible travel etiquette
Respect Your Hosts – Take some time to understand local culture and customs and respect them.
Buy Local – Try to support the locals by buying as much locally made items as you can.
Go Gently – Ensure you try to leave no trace of physical impact on your surroundings at all.
Waste and Recycling – Be conscious of how much waste you create and recycle where possible.
Water Use – Limit the use of water with short showers and less laundry. Refill a bottle for drinking.
Power Use – Don’t take liberties with power such as overusing air conditioning and lighting. 

Sustainability at ULA and what we do

- Seek out sustainable protocol in properties we own and work with 
- Never stop seeking ways in which we can improve
- Be aware of our footprint
- We encourage reuse, recycling and regeneration
- We employ locally
- Educate travelers 
- Give back to the local community
- Collaborate with like-minded business partners 

Our Offices
At ULA we strive to be an environmentally accountable office space. We are aiming towards becoming a paperless office, using as little paper as possible and what paper we do use it´s 100% recycled. We only market our material online, we do not print brochures, our mailing list is sent online through email only. We recycle our paper, plastic and glass waste. Most of our staff either catch public transport, walk or ride their bike to work. We will ensure and prepare all our passengers prior to their trips on what to bring, what they are to expect and how to appropriately engage with the environment and support the education of appropriate waste management, buying locally and respecting local culture and traditions.  

Help Them Hope
We are very proud to be involved in a sponsorship program with Help Them Hope. Help Them Hope is a non-profit organisation created in 2009 by John Whelan from Ireland. Its mission is to empower youth with disabilities through education, independent living and inclusive services. For more information visit their website.

If you would like to donate to Help Them HOPE, click below.


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