We have below a collection of some of our most Frequently Asked Questions for your perusal

Which airport do I need to fly into when traveling to Peru?

You will need to fly into Lima which is the capital city of Peru. The airport you will need to fly into is called ´Jorge Chavez International´. At the moment this is the only International airport in Peru. Nearly all flight arriving into Lima form North America arrive late in the evening, which means that you will normally need to spend an overnight in Lima before flying off to your next destination in Peru the next morning.  

What deposit do you require to secure my trip?

Below is information regarding our the deposits required to secure a trip with us....

At the time of booking, the client must pay a deposit of at least the following

In respect to travel packages, land tours, transfers, accommodation and transportation a deposit of %30 of the total cost 

In respect to trekking %50 deposit of the total cost 

In respect to airfares %100 of the total cost (hereafter referred to as the “minimum deposits”)

The company is at liberty to give notice to the client of any variation to the minimum deposits at any time before the minimum deposits are paid.

A booking shall not be deemed to have been accepted or to be binding until such time as the minimum deposits, or any of them that are applicable, have been paid.

The acceptance by the company of the payment of a deposit, does not by itself constitute acceptance of a booking. A booking will be deemed to have been accepted once the company has confirmed its acceptance in writing. 

How far in advance should we book our Inca Trail?

We recommend at least 4-5 months in advance for the high season months of May, June and July. The Inca Trail is subject to availability. there are 500 spaces available each day. It´s in high demand so if you are wishing to secure your spaces book with months in anticipation. Spaces on the Inca Trail are no transferrable and must be booked with your passport. You need to insure your passport is valid and has at least 6 months before it expires.

Is it safe to travel to Peru?

Most definitely. All the regions that you will visit in Peru are safe. No different to traveling to any other tourist destination in the world. Keep some common sense and take some extra precautions and you will not have any issues. If you stick to the main tourist areas and not go wandering off into the unknown then you will not encounter problems. 

What is the tipping etiquette in Peru?

Only tip if you receive good service 
We recommend that you only tip if you have been given good service. In Peru you can receive remarkable service and you can receive terrible service and everything in between. There´s a few reasons for this, but you should keep it really simple, only tip if you have received good service, and that runs across the board with everything, restaurants, hotels, guides etc.  

What do Peruvians tip?
Tipping is alot more prevalent in the large metropolitan cities. In the provinces its not as common. To give you a broad example, there are many menu restaurants in Peru these meals that cost 10 soles, Peruvians will usually leave a tip of 1 sole. At higher end restaurants a standard tip a local will give is about %10 of the meal cost.  

Tipping at Restaurants? 
It really depends on the restaurant that you are at. There are lots of cheap menu restaurants in Peru. If your meal is 10-20 soles we recommend you leave a tip of 2 soles. If you are at a mid range restaurant where the cost of your meal would be from 30 soles to 100 soles we recommend that you leave a tip of %10 of the total meal cost. The at your higher end well acclaimed restaurants we recommend you leave a tip of %15 of the total meal cost. Again we only recommend that you tip if you are satisfied with the overall service that you received. If you have spent more money then you should expect better service.  

Tipping Tour Guides
Tour guides (especially our ones!) work very hard to ensure that you are having a good time and learning about their history and culture. Your tip should reflect how long your tour duration is. Here is a good basic guide. 
Private Tour, Full Day: s/ 50-60 (US$20) per person
Private Tour, Half Day: s/30-35 ($10) per person
Shared/ Grouped Tour, Full Day: s/20 (US$8) per person
Shared/ Grouped Tour, Half Day: s/15 (US$5) per person  

Tipping Hotel Staff

It´s a worldly custom to tip the porters and bellhops at hotels or any staff you assist you with your bags and luggage. How much you should tip will really depend on the hotel that you are staying at. At a 3 star hotel whatever change you have in your pocket 5 Soles ($US2) and at a higher end 5 star hotel we suggest a tip of 10-15 soles (US$3 - US$5).

Where can I change my money?

Don´t change your money at the airport, they charge a fortune. You can withdraw both local Soles and US Dollars at the ATM Machines. In popular tourist destinations like Lima, Cusco and Arequipa you will find ATM machines on every corner. Go to an ATM of one of the Major banks like BCP, Scotia Bank or Interbank. If you need to change money you can change money with Currency Traders in the street outside banks they give good rates and are "usually" trustworthy. For peace of mind we recommend that you change money at the bank, or change money at the following currency house when you are in Lima. 

Lima - Miraflores 
La Aurora Casa De Cambio
Address: Avenida Pardo 610. Tienda 5
Phone: (01) 447 8117

What is the local currency used in Peru?

The local currency is Nuevos Soles, Soles for short. The exchange rate between the Sole and the US Dollar hovers around 3.3 Sole for 1 US Dollar. While you can pay for things in US dollars most retail outlets, shops and traders would prefer you using Soles, ideally in lower denominations, small shops and restaurants sometimes find it hard to change big amounts. For the latest currency exchange rates check out the following link below where you can convert your local currency amount to Soles. 

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