Our team - Meet our dedicated team of Travel Specialists. We look forward to planning your trip.

"I moved to Peru 12 years ago. When you love a place and someone the planets always align? Right?... 12 years later and having organized trips for over 15,000 satisfied travelers I am still in Peru, with my beautiful wife and my son Leonardo and a second baby one on the way. I am very proud of the fact that the service we offer keeps getting better every year."

"There is so much more to Peru than just Machu Picchu, my favorite place in Peru is Chachapoyas. I really love it when I organized trips for clients who go beyond doing just the usual 6 day trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. There is so much more to see and discover. I recently did a trip to Chachapoyas staying at Gocta Lodge. I have lived in Lima for 8 years now. I love living here and my job is very satisfying." 

"When I am not planning trips, I am working on my Andean textile clothing brand Condor Couture. Andean textiles are my passion. I really enjoy working for ULA, we work hard but it´s not a stuffy corporate vibe like what I am used to back home, and it´s rewarding to get the great feedback at the end of our clients trip. I have alot of confidence in what we offer, we use the best hotels and have the best ground team." 

" I have been working for ULA for 2 years now. We have fun but there´s alot of responsibility with what we do. We organize trips for people who have never travelled before. For many it´s a trip of a lifetime, it´s very humbling and it´s really important to make sure that we get everything right and make sure we deliver on their expectations and go above and beyond. It´s very rewarding."  

"I studied tourism in Lima at the Universidad de Tecnologica de Peru. It´s great that I can put my skills of studying Hotel Administration and Tourism to good use. For all pick ups and transfers we use software to locate the whereabouts of your flights, we will print your boarding passes, we will assist you with your airline check in, we use the latest software JUNIPER platform so you can track your hotel reservations. We run a very tight ship." 

" I grew up in The Philippines and moved to Hauraz which in the Andes, I now live in the capital Lima. I studied Tourism at the Universidad National Santiago de Mayola, in Huaraz. When your in Peru I will be working hard and making sure your trip is going smoothly. You will have around the clock support. You can contact us on our 24 hour Customer Support number which is (+51) 968442111, you can call us or message us through Whatsapp at anytime." 

"soy Peruana y mi encanta mi pais. arriba Peru! I´m Peruvian and I love my country. arriba Peru!" Liliana takes care of our accounts and makes sure everything is in order and that everyone gets paid on time, this is very important. She has the most important role at our company. She is well organized, meticulous, responsible and most importantly trustworthy. She has been with ULA now for 5 years. Liliana studied Accounting and Finance at Ricardo Palma Universidad in Lima."

"In Peru we have so much to offer costa, sierra, selva. The coast mountains, and the jungle. Peru gives me so much inspiration as 

a designer, so many amazing colors, textures, patterns, ancient designs and landscapes to choose from. I studied Graphic Design 

and also Online Marketing at Toulouse Lautrec in Lima. I have lots of freedom at ULA." 


" I will never forget the first time I visited Machu Picchu, which was on a school excursion, nothing compares. I have since traveled all around

Peru, central and South America. I love the Yucatan Peninsula and the beaches in Mexico. Recently went on a familiarization trip with work in which I did the 7 Day Luxury Lodge to Lodge Salkantay Trek, this experience was world class, I think for those who can do this trek it´s the best experience Peru has to offer.